As of 2014, video accounted for 64% of internet traffic. Cisco predicts that by 2020, over 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be video. This may sound crazy, but your business – no matter how small – needs to create video content to stay relevant. It is a common misconception that small businesses can’t afford to create high-quality video, but there are several resources to make videos easily and for free. Movies now premiere at film festivals that have been shot entirely on an iPhone. If it’s good enough for SXSW, it’s good enough for you. We live in a brave new world with video at our fingertips and your business can take full advantage of it without breaking the budget.

Video establishes an emotional connection and a deeper understanding.

One of the benefits of video content is that audio/video engages at a deep, emotional level. When it comes to making purchases, emotion trumps logic. A good marketing video can convey your company’s passion and passion is contagious. Not only does video appeal to emotions, but it also can establish a deeper understanding of your product or service which makes customers more informed and confident in their purchases. A viewer’s understanding of a company’s product tends to increase by 74% when they watch video instead of reading text. Video gives you the opportunity to explain your product to a customer the way you would in-person so that nothing is lost in translation via text.

Content sources are everywhere.

You may be thinking “But what will my videos be about?” – content is everywhere! There are content sources right in front of you, even things you do every day. You could give a virtual tour of your office, film a day-in-the-life, product overview, frequently asked questions, how-to, the list is endless. You can show off the quirky side of your company by filming a spoof or even your office mascot. When you feel as if you are running out of ideas, crowdsource some ideas from your audience. Ask what they would like to see from your company and they are sure to provide ideas.

Short and sweet is the way to go.

Your videos don’t have to be feature-length films. In fact, shorter is better. We all know someone with the attention span of a goldfish (maybe you’re that person) and that is okay! You lose 80% of viewers in the first 10 seconds anyway, so pack a punch in a short video rather than a lengthy one that will likely lose attention quickly. “Micro content” is still powerful, so short and sweet is great.


YouTube is easier than you think.

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Even better, it is owned by Google – the largest search engine in the world. Your videos can help your website get ranked highly for keywords that you’d never be able to achieve through traditional SEO. YouTube is a great place to upload those “how-to” videos since how-to searches have gone up by 70% year-over-year since 2015.  In a recent study, Google stated that home-improvement, cooking and beauty related videos as being the most popular how-to videos.  When uploading videos to your YouTube account, you’ll get the best bang for your buck by focusing on the headline, description, and tags. The headline of the video is the title, so you want to put some searchable keywords in that short headline. If you are in real estate, a headline could be “How to Get Your Home Ready for Listing” – keywords are “how to”, “home”, and “listing”. The description is where you can put more lengthy text about your video, your company, and the product or service. The first few lines of this are critical since they are what appear in the google search. Lastly, the tags are your place to put all keywords you think a person might search to find your video. List the tags in order of importance.


If you are thinking of creating a video campaign for your business, we can help make it successful.  We can help with strategizing or we create and run complete video campaigns.  Never worked with us before?  We offer a free 30 minute strategy session (regularly valued at $100) to new potential clients.


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