It’s often taken for granted, but social media platforms offer you – hands down – the largest potential audience to broadcast your news, personality, and brand – for free.  Last year, the number of worldwide social media users reached 2.34 billion and is expected to grow to some 2.95 billion by 2020, meaning it is becoming more and more probable that people will find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to scope you out before they ever pick up a phone to ask you a question.

If your online presence doesn’t represent your core values, highlight what differentiates you (or your team) from other Realtors® and project your professional personality, you are not making the best use of these free tools.

Your social media messaging should offer a glimpse of who you really are professionally and the experience a potential client will have should they choose to work with you or your team.

If your posts are looking more like a feed to with ABOR stats and Austin Top 10 lists, it might be time for you to infuse a little of your brand’s personality into your feed.  With just a little planning and introspection, you can give your online persona a little makeover that is guaranteed to deliver more engagement.

Discover What Differentiates You

Brainstorm all of the offerings you bring to your clients and be very specific.  Lots of agents talk about having concierge-style services, but what does that mean?  Think about your transactions in the last year and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you do better than anyone else?
  • What are the top three reasons clients choose to work with you?
  • When you have lost a bid for a listing, what was the reason?
  • When you win, why do you win?
  • How do you wish to be viewed by your competition?
  • What client do you enjoy working with?
  • What values, personality, and attitudes do you want to project?

Know Your Audience and Your Ideal Client

I always work with my clients to create profiles that represent their spheres of influence, past clients, and ideal clients.  It is a great tool to use for all of your marketing efforts, but it can really help keep your posts and online conversations as authentic as you are.

  • What do you talk about with your clients that lights them up?
  • What motivates your typical client to buy or sell their home? Are there themes you can touch on?
  • What are the typical fears you need to help your clients overcome? Can you address them with your social media messaging?
  • What are your client’s values? Where can you show them that your values are in-line with theirs?
  • What part of the home buying or selling process brings the most joy to your clients? Can you find stories that can emote that joy?

Share Stories

Everybody loves a feel-good story.  If you go above and beyond for a client and they are thrilled with you, that’s powerful.  Did you tour a unique property today?  A quick snapshot puts them right there with you.  If you won an award, share how you feel about your accomplishment. Nothing can make a potential client understand what you will do for them better than seeing real-life examples.

Share Pictures and Videos

The next time you are hosting an open house, pre-viewing a home or at a closing with a happy client, share a photo or video.  Sharing what you do or see helps position you as the hard-working, knowledgeable agent you actually are.  Staying top of mind as your audience’s go-to real estate expert is the name of the game.

Post Like a Human, Not a Robot

Start conversations.  Share your opinions.  Educate.  Emote.  Make an actual statement you might make in person.  It’s not about getting your post in every day, it’s about forging online relationships with actual people.

Tag, Comment, Like and Share

I get it.  Some of your clients need complete confidentiality, so don’t tag those folks.  But do start conversations. In any given week, you can find opportunities to tag your, friends, fans, clients, vendors, or individuals you work with in your posts. Don’t feel strange about going to other’s social media pages and liking, sharing, and commenting on their content, either.  The more human your interactions are, the better.






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